Feather Creative

We believe in photography.

Like back in the day photography. When you got your bare hands dirty in fixer and spent hours under that little red light with giddy anticipation as the print revealed itself. We bring this excitement to a digital practice where we understand and execute your vision with respect for creativity, quality and consistency.

We don’t just hear you, we listen.

Because what works better than teamwork? We are your visual partners: our studio is an extension of yours, an intimate space that is responsive and flexible to your needs. Whether you are on a plane to Paris and then London and then Paris again — or on set for days — we get it done.

We are women with a global perspective on beauty.

From San Francisco to Dubai, we’ve come together in New York as artists who see the craft of post production with fresh eyes. As a women-run studio, having a feminine sensibility gives us a lighter touch, and our technical knowledge and industry experience lend to an understanding of the integrity of the image as a whole — that same image that revealed itself once upon a time in the darkroom.

Let’s create.


Consider the Image

Consider the Image

In 2018 we launched Consider the Image, a network of creatives who are committed to honoring women’s natural beauty in all types of imagery.

110 E 23rd Street • New York, NY 10010 • T: +1-646-682-7713 • info@feather-creative.com